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Mark is very knowledgeable on real estate…. He Is diligent, responsive, gives excellent advice and tireless in finding the property you want. Our experience was top notch and we will recommend him… Mark is characterized in our minds by knowledge, skill, adaptability, persistence and Integrity…Outstanding realtor!

Ed F., Ret. Lt. Gen USAF

“Mark has done a great job. He is professional, honest, organized, and punctual. He responded to my emails, texts, and phone calls quickly…. He made a video of my property, including aerial footage of the neighborhood…It has been a pleasure working with Mark, and I highly recommend Mark as a realtor.”

Jennifer M., Professor

“Amazing realtor! He listened to exactly what we wanted and has gone an extra mile over and over again. We are moving from a different state and he has been extremely helpful in everything. Very knowledgeable, professional and helpful. We definitely picked the right realtor this time.”

Madeline W.

My husband and I were relocating and looking to buy a house… Mark was very knowledgeable about the area,  personable, and professional. …Marks expertise with construction and the real estate market was impressive to us and helped make the process much easier for us. From choosing our home to making the offer and closing, Mark was there for us to answer any questions and help us every step of the way. We would definitely recommend him!!!

Lynn B.

Mark is a very knowledgeable, professional and helpful realtor. We purchased a home from out of state and Mark was very helpful and accommodating. He was able and willing to help us arrange inspections and whatever else we needed to make the entire process as smooth and enjoyable as possible. We  highly recommend him to anyone looking at buying a house. Thank you so much Mark!

Alyssa A.

Mark was wonderful throughout the entire house hunting process. We had to purchase our home remotely and he was fantastic at communicating our options. He would go to homes we were interested in and take a video to send to us. He would tell us concerns on structural issues he saw and was so patient  with us throughout the entire process. When we arrived to see our house, we were extremely happy with the neighborhood and home.

Bethany H.

Mark is a true expert in every facet of home buying. He is very knowledgeable about home construction and does a great job of identifying both the good aspects and potential issues with homes. He works diligently throughout the contractual process to make sure everything is done correctly. He also  has the ability to very accurately assess a home’security value.

Chris H.

“Knowledgeable and precise in his market analysis, Professional in presenting the property, His expertise resulted in the home being sold within 24 hours of listing”

Mike H.

“Mark was great and amazing to work with. He made this process doable and I would not have made it without him. Mark made it possible for me to feel confident throughout the process and was consistently looking out for my best interests.”

Brandon A.

Mark Main is very intuitive and capable and we are very fortunate to have found him. He cares very much about the clients’ exact wishes and is responsive and thorough, talented and knowledgeable about all processes of buying and selling. His interest in his client is expressed in his very thorough  approach. His adds and interpretation are innovative and with his knowing the market, having lived there a long time, we feel that we are getting the best service and help.

Mary B.

Mark was great! He found us a great house and perfect location! He listened to everything from our wants and needs, dislikes and concerns. If he didn’t know the answer to something, he found it out. He worked hard for us and we appreciate everything he did. He even followed up with us days after  the closing to make sure we were happy 🙂 Thank you, Mark!

Jerry N.

Mark was wonderful. Right from the start he went above and beyond to make sure everything was in place for when we came into town to look at homes. We communicated over the phone and via email so that when we arrived in town we could check out as many houses as possible in one or two days. The  schedule was organized perfectly to cover over 12 homes in one day. Due to our time constraints, since we are moving across states it was very important that we maximized our stay in Colorado Springs and this was most certainly achieved. He was extremely helpful throughout the process, from organizing our inspections and making sure everything went along smoothly with the purchase. I honestly thought being on another state would be a lot more stressful and hard to deal with all the things that come up when buying a house. Mark has made this process painless. ”

Julian S.

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